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Booze and Schmooze party invitation


You have probably figured out that this is an invitation to a party involving alcohol. The invitation also lets you know where, when and why in a no-nonsense format. Jim Beam not included.

Marble Surface

This is an unusual use for my Viking invitation. If you are planning a funeral for your car and want to invite guests, here's the invitation for it!

This is a poem that I hand-lettered for a man to give to his wife as an anniversary present. It was done in Bastarde script on watercolor paper in Ziller's Soot Black ink.

The ink is lightfast, waterproof and pH neutral. The paper is also acid free.

A not-so-subtle reminder for the men in your life. This was inspired by my mother who occasionally taped a small piece of paper that read, "Put me down!" to the underside of the seat. Available in your choice of color, with or without frame. 

The price for the print only is $5.00 and framed is $10 plus $5.00 shipping.

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