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Wedding Certificates

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We do more than just wedding invitations! A wedding certificate is a commemoration of your wedding day. A simple one makes a great wedding gift. A more elaborate one can be an expression of yourselves and your lifestyle. 

Wedding certificates can be done by hand or digitally. Besides weddings I can create certificates for births, anniversaries, Employee of the month or for any occasion that calls for recognition.

All of our certificates are done on acid free watercolor paper. The hand calligraphed ones are done with water proof, light-fast ink. The certificate will be around long enough for your great-grandchildren to argue over who gets it.

If you prefer, we can make it large enough for your guests to sign. A great alternative to a guest book!

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Just the Facts

To the left is an example of a "Just the Facts" certificate. It has the couple's name and date in a circlular border. If you want a wedding gift that will be treasured for years to come but won't break the bank, this style is for you. High quality graphics on acid free Stonehenge watercolor paper.


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Your wedding day is all about you. We want your certificate

to be also. Often couples will have us put things in the

decoration that reflects them. We've added dogs, cats, a longhorn

steer, moose, college logos, a garden path, cracked,

dry California desert ground and just about anything else

you can think of. This certificate  is a good example.


We've done close to 700 certificates over the years so we can't put

them all on here but take a look and see what we mean.


 Contact us and we

will gladly work with you to create the wedding certificate of your

dreams! If you want to see more certificates, visit my other website, There are lots of them on there.

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Circle and/or Omega

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Many couples have a special place that means something to them and we are often asked to paint it at the top of their certificate. This is another example of how personalized these certificates can be.

These are the two most popular certificate styles we do.

Lots of couples like to have the flowers from the bride's

bouquet in a circle or omega shape around the text of their

vows. The certificate at the right was done completely by

hand. We can also do them digitally or with a

combination of both.

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